World’s First Ever Voice Mail

World’s First Ever Voice Mail

Voice in the mail is technically the world’s first voicemail it just might not be what you think!  If you don’t know what voice in the mail is, then this is for you!

Many of us are accustomed to leaving voicemails these days because It is so easy if someone misses your call you can just quickly leave a voicemail and the person will be able to hear your message along with your voice with one touch, but what about a time where this didn’t exist, well you weren’t completely out of luck you could send your voice… in the actual mail. 

This way of communicating is very fascinating, and you may be wondering why not just write a letter and go through this whole process just for them to hear your voice. People used this as a more personal way to communicate and often were used as love letters or were meant for loved ones to hear their voice and play it. Once you recorded yourself on the record you could mail it and people could listen on a phonograph. 
Here is a recording of a soldier in WWII sending his voice in the mail to women. 
You could record yourself at a booth which could be stationed anywhere from parks to post offices, and kind of like a vending machine your record would be carved out and right in your hands. If you were lucky enough you could’ve recorded one at a post office and sent it right out through the post in one fell swoop. 

A record player with a record

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